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30 hour OSHA for employees

At Progressive Dynamics, we’ve built a culture of professionalism that spans into all areas of our trade. By earning certifications from the country’s top roofing and sheet metal manufacturers, we are able to navigate even the most complex installations for our customers. We’re investing in our employees’ professional development and skills, too, to ensure they’re continually qualified to meet or exceed industry standards.

We are diligently reviewing and revising our safety standards to help provide the safest working environment for our clients and employees. We also partner with Vista Safety Consultants.

Border Effect Our Certifications Why choose to hire a certified team

We’ve obtained certifications by the following brands to improve the safety of our team and customers, increase productivity, ensure consistency, and problem-solve on the job. Because we have close relationships with each of these manufacturers and distributors, we’re also able to offer more accurate estimates and follow best-practices when it comes to completing your project to the highest standards.

Here are a few of our certifications:

Progressive Dynamics

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When you make the decision to hire a certified sheet metal or roofing team, you’re putting your project in the hands of capable professionals. We’ve invested in gaining the expertise and skills - and confidence - to complete your installation properly and safely. We’re held accountable by our suppliers to do the job right, from installation to repairs and maintenance. You can count on our certified team, and our commitment to mastering all areas of our specialty trade.