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Sheet metal column covers provide both accented design and low-maintenance functionality. Wrap your columns in materials that provide ease of cleaning, as well as stand-out aesthetics. You have the ability to choose from a wide range of custom colors and finishes to match your business brand, or upscale your indoor or outdoor appeal. You’ll find that Progressive Dynamics’ work is professional, artful, and gives your structure an exclusive look.

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Whether you’re in need of interior or exterior applications, our team can guide you through options for colors, finishes and overall construction based on your goals. We work with both building owners and contractors to conceptualize a project’s finished appearance, and then wield our practiced tools to bring it to life. Our team can help with assessing, quoting, fabricating, installing and repairing — we can even help with forming the overall project vision from the very first phases. We’re skilled in listening, collaborating, and ensuring each client is more than happy with the final result.

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