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Historical & Copper
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Achieve a Sense of Grandeur

We bring the original glory back to your property. With our long history of craftsman-level copper work and historical restoration, our team brings the expert eye and attention to detail you need to achieve true perfection.

Old-world Traditions

Each phase is completed with an artist’s touch, from top-quality fabrication to skillful installation. Make a dramatic impression where old-world traditions meet top-of-the-line materials and workmanship.

Border Effect Our Process Unique Solutions For Every Home & Project

Our approach is both highly honed and widely custom. Each restoration project is unique in its history and goals, and we have decades of experience realizing a range of visions and structural updates. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to restore features of a historic residence, or a municipality in need of updating your community’s treasured landmark, we’ll weave our proficiency with your objectives.

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Examples of historical and copper work include: domes, cupolas, copper roofs, decorative accents, copper moulding, entryway columns, lighting fixtures, steeples, spires and more.

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Adler Planetarium Copper Dome Adler Planetarium Copper Dome
City Works City Works
Chicago Skyway Chicago Skyway
Hotel Northland Hotel Northland
The Plaza Hotel The Plaza Hotel
Private Residence Private Residence
Castle Castle
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