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Frequently Asked Questions

Why metal roofing?

  • Lightweight - 1/4 the weight of tile roof, roughly 1/2 the weight of asphalt shingles
  • Durable - Highly resistant to hail and wind damage. More resistant to fire and can last up to three times asphalt shingle roof
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient - Metal roofs are considered among the most energy efficient type of roof—reflecting a greater share of the sun's rays, and depending on any coating applied to the metal you may see a savings of 20% to 30% on air conditioning costs
  • Style - More than any other roofing materials, metal roofs are available in a wide array of colors, styles and textures. Can greatly enhance the appeal of any structure

What are the benefits of Copper?

Copper is an attractive metal roofing material that increases the value of your property.

  • Durability - Copper roofs are strong, lasting up to 50 years or even more with no maintenance. Copper is highly resistant to fire, hail and mildew.
  • Weight - Copper is lightweight, which is a clear benefit when installed as your main roofing structure. Lightweight roofs do not put as much stress on your buildings internal structures as heavier materials such as steel, clay tiles or wood shakes. This is especially important during heavy snow falls.
  • Efficiency - Most metal roofs are energy efficient, as they reflect light instead of allowing heat in. Copper is no exception - installing a copper roof can help you control heating and cooling costs.