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Domes, Steeples & Minarets

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The Progressive Dynamics team shines when it comes to restoring or rehabilitating intricate metal work on churches, mosques, and centers of worship throughout the country. Each dome, steeple or minaret project is approached with care, respect, and our devotion to shaping your church’s most beloved finishing touches.

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We offer a wide range of solutions to bring your dome, steeple or minaret ornaments to life. From complex curves to intricate accents, we’re proficient in the level of workmanship required to achieve traditional expressions with modern techniques and materials. We take time to access the best-fit options for each project, including historically accurate metals and materials. We will also help determine whether a historic feature is in need of repair or full replacement. Regardless, we offer end-to-end involvement, so you can be assured your project is in good hands from conception to completion.

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When you’re looking for a craftsman’s touch and creative solutions, we bring experience and precision to the table. Call our team to get started.

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